Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I Have a Sponsor!!


I am so pleased to announce that I will be working with a wonderful sponsor Fililis. I am so excited! Can you tell?
I will be doing tutorial's using their fabulous range of fabric, in the next few weeks I will be using fabrics from the Riley Blake Superstar range
I love these stars!
Plus some lovely others from the range!
I can't wait to show you what I will be making!!!
Hope you are all well, I am still in the middle of building work, so I'm a little stressed, but nothing changes there! lol
Leigh xx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Why do we do it?!

A  few years ago we had building work going on at home, I was 6 months pregnant at the time with my 4th child. The work was going to take 2 weeks, well we all know what builders are like so I was banking on 4 weeks and it would all be over and done with and we would have a 3rd bedroom, in the loft.
Long story short, we moved back into our home, which still only had 2 bedrooms, 2 weeks before Christmas and when my baby girl was 5 weeks old!!
We tried to sell the house, but again we all know what the market is like!
So here we are again, taking a different route to get 3 bedrooms, and we have the builders in again, this time good ones.
My husband (Richard) and I are sleeping downstairs on an air bed in our living room.
This picture was taken at the Roman Baths in Bath, we went for our 10 year wedding anniversary in October last year. We stayed in a cottage on a working farm and are going back this Easter with the children. I can't wait! Take a look at it here, The 4* Granary Holiday Cottage.

Anyway back to the point...So this last week or so has been so busy, emptying our bedroom and reorganizing downstairs. Plus still trying to work and make Olivia's Baptism dress, which is another story...but as well as all that, I have also some exciting news, but I will share that tomorrow!

Hope you are all well?

Leigh x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Giraffe's, Turtle's and Frog's

I am so pleased with my last quilt, I thought the brief would be a little difficult, "Lime/grass green, chocolate brown, giraffe's, turtle's and beagle's!". So after searching the Internet and not finding anything usable I went to my trusty quilting shop. Of course as soon as I walked in I found the perfect matching fabric! I didn't find and beagle fabric, but the turtle fabric had frogs on it, so I thought that would be OK ;)

So this is what I walked away with, perfect!

After sitting looking and stoking it, I finally decided I better cut it up and make a quilt for a baby boy.

Here it is

I love these colours together

The backing on this is so nice I had to get some for myself too!
I hope you like it as much as me!
Leigh x


Monday, 18 February 2013

Hexagon Addiction!

Who ever got me on to sewing hexagons is in big trouble!!
I am hexagon mad and I just can't wait to have a sit down and get my scrap basket out and sew the night away! My hubby can no longer sit on the sofa with me as my scrap box is right next to me keeping me warm, heehee.

Here is my scrap box, I do have more than this but this is a perfect size to work from

I started 3 nights ago and I love it, I am so happy to be using my scraps. I love scrappy quilts, which is what they used to be made from after all, and I will finally have a true scrappy quilt once this is finished. It might take some time as the hexes I'm working on are only 1" but I like it that way as they sew up really quickly and I can use all my tiny scraps!

How cute do they look all lined up like that?

I was a bit lazy and didn't want to cut out my own hexes so I brought them from a lovely lady called Jackie, you can fine her here at Patchwork Templates.

I can't wait to start some more tonight and I'm hoping I'll be able to have a little time tomorrow to do some during the day, but with the children on half term from school, and some how I have ending up with my sisters 3 out of 4 children, plus my little girls friend is on a sleepover tonight so will be spending the day with us tomorrow, I very much doubt it!

Tomorrow my mum will also becoming round, not to help with the children but to help make some bibs for a charity in China, if you would like more information here is the link.

I found out about it from Patricia over at a lovely fabric shop based in Ireland, which I will be working with over the next couple of months, so keep your eye out for some exciting projects!

If you have a love of hexes then please let me know, so I know I'm not alone ;)

Big hugs Leigh xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Gone fishing!

This  week has been so busy with lots of sewing fitted around my baby girl, Millie, she is 2 and decided that she wanted to potty train herself, which she has done wonderfully! So in between running up stairs every time she said she needed the toilet and watching her like a hawk, I have managed to get some sewing done. It did also help that my mum and sister had Millie yesterday, lol.

Here she is about a year ago ready for her cousins pirate party

I made my first cushion cover yesterday, well I lie, I have made 4 before but they were just for me, this one was for an order, and I am so pleased with it that I wanted to keep it all for myself!

It's for her hubby who loves fishing, but wanted something pretty as well,

I just love it! Hope you do too?

Leigh x

Saturday, 9 February 2013

I love Saturday!

Don't you just love Saturdays? I do, the children are home from school and hubby is home from work, which means I get a lie in and if I want I get my sewing done too!
I try and make sure that if I sew on a Saturday that I sew for me!
Today I was going to sew at my mums house as she did some knitting but best made plans and all. My 2nd child, Olivia, has been ill for most of the week and last night took a turn for the worst. Hubby needed to go out today to get the dog microchip, so I had to stay at home. I didn't mind so much as I got my sewing done and I got to stay in my Pj's, who can complain about that!

This is why I quilt

I love to see my babies wrapped up in them making them feel better!

I am I big fan of Jennifer Chiaverini who writes the Elm Creek Quilt books. My mum started to read them and got me hooked!
They are based on a circle of quilters, who open a quilters retreat in a manor house, I really want to live there ssooooo bad!
She also has pattern books, which have the patterns of the quilts made in the books.

In the first book, Sarah is learning to quilt from a master quilter and owner of the manor house.
They start with a sampler quilt, which is what I have been working on today.

I have added a twisted boarder on this also. I'm so pleased with how it's turned out, I just need to sandwich it and get it quilted. I still need to decide how to quilt it and I'm a little scared to do it as it's taken  me so long to finish the top.
This will be taking pride and place on my super king size bed when it's finished, and the hubby won't be allowed any where near it, or the kids! lol

Friday, 8 February 2013

Dolly's First Quilt Tutorial

Eeekk it's here, my first, ever, tutorial!!
I hope it makes sense and if it doesn't please let me know and I will try and make it right. I would love to read your comments, whether good or bad, it all helps to make the next one better :)

So here we go,

All seams are 1/4" unless otherwise stated.

You will need:

4 different main fabrics each measuring 14" x 7"

Co-ordinating fabric, 34" x 15 1/2"

Ric Rac, 16"

Lace, 62"

You will need to cut
Cut each of the 4 main fabrics into 3 1/2" squares, you will end up with 8 from each fabric.
Cut the co-ordinating fabric into 2 retangles. One 15 1/2" x 8" and one 26" x 15 1/2"
Cut the lace into 3, two pieces of 24" and one piece 14"

Set out the main fabric into 6 rows with 5 squares in each row.

Sew each row together , row by row.

Press the seams to one side all in the same direction.

*Tip* If you press each of the row seams in opposite directions then it will be easier for the seams to match up and it will be less bulky.

Sew each row together, matching up the seams.
Press seams in one direction.

Sew the 15 1/2" x 8" rectangle of the co-ordinating fabric to the top ,

Embroider the name or pattern onto the co-ordinating fabric, you can hand sew this bit if you like.
Sew the Ric Rac into place, leaving a little over each edge.

Pin the lace into place on the top, with it facing inwards.

Now pin the backing on the front, right sides facing.

Sew around the edge with an 1/2" seam alloance, leaving 2"-3" gap, for you to turn it the right way.

Cut the corners.

Turn the right way out and press, then Top Stitch 1/8" around the whole quilt, closing the gap.
So there you have it! 


I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I have.

This quilt is going to be for my niece's birthday. Now I just need to put it away and not forget where I put it!

Please ask any question's you may have and please leave your feedback for my first attempt at a tutorial.
If you do make one please share a picture with me, I would love to see your fabric choices, and to know how my instruction's worked ;)

If you would like one, but haven't got the time to make it, then I do have them in my  Shop.

Thanks for stopping by

Leigh xx



Monday, 4 February 2013

I love giveaways!

I have just started to get in to the blogging world and I can't believe I've been missing out on so many giveaway's!!!!
I have found a fantastic blog called 44th Street Fabric, and she has a giveaway for some really sunny fabrics which I have to have!!
Fabric give away!

I'm working on a little tutorial for you today, for these lovely little Dolly's First Quilts. You will be able to sew these by hand or sewing machine so you have no excuse.
I will have the tutorial up for you by the end of the week, so please press the FOLLOW ME button to make sure you don't miss out on it!! xx
You can also find these in my shop.

Thanks for stopping by
Leigh xx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Where does the time go?

Today was a special day for my nephew, as members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, when our young men reach 12 years old they receive the Priesthood, which comes with special blessings and responsibilities, mainly that he can pass the sacrament on a Sunday.

We were all there to see this and I feel so proud of the young man that Harrison is growing into and most of the time, the good example he is too his younger brothers and sister and also to his cousins. My 5year old, Henry, idolises Harry and even though he was still ill today he wanted to be there, although I think it might have had something to do with the food afterwards!

Harrison is the oldest son of my second sister, Gillian. He has such a cheeky smile that even when you might want to kill him, which happens a lot, he can give you one of his smiles and he can usually get a way with murder!
Isn't he gorgeous!!! And yes he is only just 12!!!

Well, after we finished enjoying the time with family and friends, I have come home to have a very relaxing afternoon. I have watching a movie with Henry, while hand stitching some Batman hankies for a 7 year old. I'm getting practice in as I need to sew lots of hankies for my daughters baptism.

Olivia will be turning 8 in March, which means she will be Baptised a member of the church, she can't wait. Instead of having a guess book I'm planning on doing a  Guess Quilt.
I plan to hem 6" squares of white cotton, as she will be wearing white, for each guess to write their name and a little message on for her. Then I will turn it into a quilt for her. I am in the process of testing markers, think I will be using Sharpies.
Has anyone else done anything like this, advice will be well received!

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment just to say hello.

Leigh xx

Friday, 1 February 2013

A full day of quilting!!!

It's Friday which means tomorrow is Saturday, which means I have the day to quilt my eldest son quilt!!
George is 9 and has been asking for a new quilt for a while now, I promised he could have one for his birthday, which was in August, then I promised I would get it done for Christmas, which again I didn't. George chose all the fabric himself and he even chose the pattern of a friendship star. I have got it all sandwiched up ready for the quilting, but I'm still unsure how I want to quilt it. I want to do something special as he has waited about 7 years for this new grown up quilt.

Yesterday I made some patchwork scarves for a  customer, it's the first time I've made scarves so was a little unsure, but I'm so glad I was asked as I'm really pleased with them!

Hope you are having a lovely day and thank you for popping by!

Leigh xx