Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Giraffe's, Turtle's and Frog's

I am so pleased with my last quilt, I thought the brief would be a little difficult, "Lime/grass green, chocolate brown, giraffe's, turtle's and beagle's!". So after searching the Internet and not finding anything usable I went to my trusty quilting shop. Of course as soon as I walked in I found the perfect matching fabric! I didn't find and beagle fabric, but the turtle fabric had frogs on it, so I thought that would be OK ;)

So this is what I walked away with, perfect!

After sitting looking and stoking it, I finally decided I better cut it up and make a quilt for a baby boy.

Here it is

I love these colours together

The backing on this is so nice I had to get some for myself too!
I hope you like it as much as me!
Leigh x



  1. I think those fabrics work really nicely together. x

  2. this quilt is wonderful and my sister and I love it!!!! I´m sure JONAS will love it as well. thank you so very much for creating another masterpiece!!!!!

  3. Just love this quilt and so does my sister. thank you so much Leigh-Anne, for another masterpiece of artwork for my family. You do so great quilts. thank you so very much. It will be very treasured :)