Monday, 18 February 2013

Hexagon Addiction!

Who ever got me on to sewing hexagons is in big trouble!!
I am hexagon mad and I just can't wait to have a sit down and get my scrap basket out and sew the night away! My hubby can no longer sit on the sofa with me as my scrap box is right next to me keeping me warm, heehee.

Here is my scrap box, I do have more than this but this is a perfect size to work from

I started 3 nights ago and I love it, I am so happy to be using my scraps. I love scrappy quilts, which is what they used to be made from after all, and I will finally have a true scrappy quilt once this is finished. It might take some time as the hexes I'm working on are only 1" but I like it that way as they sew up really quickly and I can use all my tiny scraps!

How cute do they look all lined up like that?

I was a bit lazy and didn't want to cut out my own hexes so I brought them from a lovely lady called Jackie, you can fine her here at Patchwork Templates.

I can't wait to start some more tonight and I'm hoping I'll be able to have a little time tomorrow to do some during the day, but with the children on half term from school, and some how I have ending up with my sisters 3 out of 4 children, plus my little girls friend is on a sleepover tonight so will be spending the day with us tomorrow, I very much doubt it!

Tomorrow my mum will also becoming round, not to help with the children but to help make some bibs for a charity in China, if you would like more information here is the link.

I found out about it from Patricia over at a lovely fabric shop based in Ireland, which I will be working with over the next couple of months, so keep your eye out for some exciting projects!

If you have a love of hexes then please let me know, so I know I'm not alone ;)

Big hugs Leigh xx


  1. The kids will help you tomorrow!

  2. I've got hexagon templates....should have asked...hahaa! I just might have another go at them.....they do look amazing when they are stitched up. x