Monday, 25 February 2013

Why do we do it?!

A  few years ago we had building work going on at home, I was 6 months pregnant at the time with my 4th child. The work was going to take 2 weeks, well we all know what builders are like so I was banking on 4 weeks and it would all be over and done with and we would have a 3rd bedroom, in the loft.
Long story short, we moved back into our home, which still only had 2 bedrooms, 2 weeks before Christmas and when my baby girl was 5 weeks old!!
We tried to sell the house, but again we all know what the market is like!
So here we are again, taking a different route to get 3 bedrooms, and we have the builders in again, this time good ones.
My husband (Richard) and I are sleeping downstairs on an air bed in our living room.
This picture was taken at the Roman Baths in Bath, we went for our 10 year wedding anniversary in October last year. We stayed in a cottage on a working farm and are going back this Easter with the children. I can't wait! Take a look at it here, The 4* Granary Holiday Cottage.

Anyway back to the point...So this last week or so has been so busy, emptying our bedroom and reorganizing downstairs. Plus still trying to work and make Olivia's Baptism dress, which is another story...but as well as all that, I have also some exciting news, but I will share that tomorrow!

Hope you are all well?

Leigh x


  1. Great picture, poor Richard he was jet black when he met you xxxx

  2. I haven't seen that photo've lost a lot of weight since then....good girl! It's a lovely pic of you should frame it! x