Friday, 1 February 2013

A full day of quilting!!!

It's Friday which means tomorrow is Saturday, which means I have the day to quilt my eldest son quilt!!
George is 9 and has been asking for a new quilt for a while now, I promised he could have one for his birthday, which was in August, then I promised I would get it done for Christmas, which again I didn't. George chose all the fabric himself and he even chose the pattern of a friendship star. I have got it all sandwiched up ready for the quilting, but I'm still unsure how I want to quilt it. I want to do something special as he has waited about 7 years for this new grown up quilt.

Yesterday I made some patchwork scarves for a  customer, it's the first time I've made scarves so was a little unsure, but I'm so glad I was asked as I'm really pleased with them!

Hope you are having a lovely day and thank you for popping by!

Leigh xx

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