Sunday, 3 February 2013

Where does the time go?

Today was a special day for my nephew, as members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, when our young men reach 12 years old they receive the Priesthood, which comes with special blessings and responsibilities, mainly that he can pass the sacrament on a Sunday.

We were all there to see this and I feel so proud of the young man that Harrison is growing into and most of the time, the good example he is too his younger brothers and sister and also to his cousins. My 5year old, Henry, idolises Harry and even though he was still ill today he wanted to be there, although I think it might have had something to do with the food afterwards!

Harrison is the oldest son of my second sister, Gillian. He has such a cheeky smile that even when you might want to kill him, which happens a lot, he can give you one of his smiles and he can usually get a way with murder!
Isn't he gorgeous!!! And yes he is only just 12!!!

Well, after we finished enjoying the time with family and friends, I have come home to have a very relaxing afternoon. I have watching a movie with Henry, while hand stitching some Batman hankies for a 7 year old. I'm getting practice in as I need to sew lots of hankies for my daughters baptism.

Olivia will be turning 8 in March, which means she will be Baptised a member of the church, she can't wait. Instead of having a guess book I'm planning on doing a  Guess Quilt.
I plan to hem 6" squares of white cotton, as she will be wearing white, for each guess to write their name and a little message on for her. Then I will turn it into a quilt for her. I am in the process of testing markers, think I will be using Sharpies.
Has anyone else done anything like this, advice will be well received!

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Leigh xx


  1. Harrison now thinks he's a celebrity! X

  2. Thanks for being part of his day and for making the taco rings! x

    1. Your welcome, although I didn't get any, again!! x

  3. I've seen on another blog that if you write on cotton with Sharpies, putting the cotton in the dryer afterwards will set the ink....might be worth a try on a sample bit, first. x

    1. Yeah, I've seen if you iron it, that sets it. x